Game: Is Counting Your Strength? How Many Characters Are There?~


Game: Is Counting Your Strength? How Many Characters Are There?~

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@rossi1911 @crematedman @Jpgchief @BenitoKCM @tamtitam and everyone~


Happy September 2017~!


Fancy playing a counting game? 

And have you built a playlist that looks something like this: 








XXXXXXX (ascendingly)










X (descendingly)


The rules of playing this game are as follow:


1. In each round, the player that begins the game will decide and state the direction of the game that is to build the playlist ascendingly or descendingly.


2. The next player will post a song by increasing or decreasing the characters/letters. Please note that a space /blank  and also a symbol  is counted as one character.


"Let" = 3 characters/letters

"Let's" = 5 characters/letters

"Let's Play" = 10 characters/letters


3. If the direction is to build ascendingly, the first player will post a song with a title that consists only one character/letter and the second player will post a song with a title that consists 2 characters/letters and the third player will post a song with a title that consists 3 characters/letters and this continues. 


4. If the direction is to build descendingly, the first player will begin the game by posting a song with a very long title such as: "Do you know how long can a song title be?" (there are 41 characters including spaces and question mark) and the next player will post a song with a title that consists 40 characters and the following with 39 characters and this continues.


5. The games goes on until a player miscounts and connects the pattern wrongly.


6. The game will be restarted by the last player that connects the pattern correctly. If the player does not start the next round of the game within 24 hours, the player prior to him/her will be the one to start the next round. 


7. The song chosen can be from any languages and genres as long as the title starts and ends with Roman characters/letters/symbols.


8. The songs that have been posted cannot be reused unless they are covers or different versions. (songs used in previous rounds cannot be reused too~)


9. Words attached to song titles such as "remastered, radio edit" where the songs are not modified are not considered as part of the song titles. However, words such as remix, live, acoustic and unplugged can be counted as part of the song titles as the songs have been modified or sound different. 


Well, shall we begin? Let's get to know the names of songs that everyone likes to the last count. 🙂


Here goes Round 1 (ascendingly):


spotify:track:04MjaNej8XUHI8jbz2THez Happy Counting~!



The record for each round and the playlist for this game: 

Round 1: Track 1(7) to 25 (Pretend that You're Alone) [ascending order, 25 tracks]

Round 2: Track 26 (Run) to 27(DNA.) [ascending order, 2 tracks]

Round 3: Track 28 (Two Wildly Different Perspectives) to 60 (2)

                 [descending order, 33 tracks] Completed successfully!

Round 4: Track 61 < I > to 98 <Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)>  

                 [ascending order, 38 tracks] longest streak so far! 

Round 5: Track 99 (When Our Love Passed Out On The Couch) to Track 135 (U)

                [descending order, 37 tracks] another success! 

Round 6: to begin soon ~ feel free to listen and join the game at anytime 








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@crematedman Well according to rule #2, space and symbol also count...



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@rossi1911 fair game then!




@Jpgchief alt-j were absolutely incredible live, i have never seen such a packed crowd

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