Backstage Intro - Meet Mateus

Backstage Intro - Meet Mateus


This month, we're happy to introduce @MateusM who you probably have seen around in the Community, sharing music and helping users.




Can you tell us more about yourself?
Hi! My name is Mateus and I’m from Brazil. I’m currently working as Software Engineer, and I love to talk about technologies and stuff like that.


During my daily routine, while I’m working, driving, or studying, I love listening to music on Spotify. 


I have two dogs that I love!


On the weekends I love to go out with my partner and watch some TV shows.


On my free time, if I’m not watching TV, I’m probably studying or playing a game.


What made you want to become a Star?
Helping others was always something I love to do in my free time, so becoming a Star simply gave me the chance to prove that I know the platform itself and that I can help others in the community that is in need of help with something, no matter what.