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Music Monday

#MusicMonday Review - March 2024


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check February's review for more music.


Get into March Madness with a full range of musical deep emotions: anger, hopelessness, depression, angst, and heartbreak. Give it a listen, and dive in, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


Taking On Water – Get Away


Won't step on foot outside,
we're living in the sun and the world's on fire,
the asteroid’s coming universal collapse,
or sucked into a hole of infinite black.

We'll get struck by a solar flare,
or the poles will flip and gps will fail
big rip, colliding galaxies,
or lose the ozone over me.


San Diego is the epicenter, for this Melodic Punk track about our pale blue dot in an ocean that we all have to share, and how only the Universe knows it's fate, as band member Greg tells:


"I was watching a YouTube video on extraordinarily natural disasters and I had just made up a solid tune that needed lyrics. It struck me that the topic and the tune could be the perfect combo, thus, the post apocalyptically themed 'Get Away' was quickly written. Simple as that!"




Jaws – Solitaire


Misery is a key I've learned
I'm having dreams and they seem absurd
Then I woke from a sound

I didn't know how to lay back down

and find you where we just were

And it's all for not


What if I blew it up? We stay in San Diego with the gloomy mood, for an Alt Indie track about those out of line thoughts that leave you mystified. Just don't say it's all in my head:


"This is one of those songs that just stumbles out of you because it needs to come out. I don't know if any single experience inspired it, more like a release of different things I had been feeling at the time.


I just remember sitting in my home studio feeling kind of frustrated, pent up, and a little sad to be honest. I had come up with the opening riff and it was like a spark and the rest came together before I knew it, and most of the guitar and vocals you hear on the track were recorded that same night.


With that being said there wasn't much thought put into a planned theme at the time of writing it, but I think everyone can relate to the feeling of losing your mind alone with your emotions and intrusive thoughts.


Also just checked out your blogs, they're super cool man. Thanks for taking interest in our song and thanks for elevating the underground/up and coming community!"




Lunch – Luggage Case


I've got a luggage case

and I fill it with bottles


Give me your Chardonnay
and there won't be any trouble


We now move to London, England for an energetic Post Punk protest song about those double standards that some people just feel entitled to. Don't you worry lads, don't forget to stay indoors, and remain calm:


"The British government held a total of 14 illegal parties whilst imposing lockdown on the rest of the country. They would go to the supermarket and fill luggage cases with alcohol to sneak it back into our government building without paparazzi catching on.


It’s so shameful you'd think it's made up but it happened.


Punk is full of anti Tory messaging (rightly so) and I wanted to find an interesting way in, so inspired by this awful story I wrote the song from the POV of a Tory sneaking booze into their illegal party."




The DIXEN – Me Besas Y Te Vas


Me siento perdida
Se acabó la ilusión
Llevo días encerrada
En mi habitación
En unos días
Todo acabará


Estas presente
Pero estas ausente
Dices que me amas
Luego te arrepientes
Si te necesito
Me besas y te vas


From Mexico City, this Latin Pop song makes us explore the idea of being insufficient for someone that makes us feel lonely, and everything we do is wrong:


"It was a long process to produce the song you're hearing now. That's why it went through various meanings and two different people when we wrote the song. The lyrics were composed with thoughts and emotions towards one person, but when singing it, it ended up being a dedication to another.


What we were looking for at the beginning is the message: Right now everything feels bad, but tomorrow it will hurt less and further on everything will be okay."




Idle Hours – W.I.C.



I wish the world would change
but I can't see it coming


Am I a real man or just a plastic model?


We finish up in the City of Salford, England for a Indie Rock track about making an effort to come back to a place of comfort whenever you can:

"So the song was actually inspired by a breakup, although there’s only one line which directly addresses this ('I love you but I'm leaving this place tonight') the whole subtext of the lyrics are about the breakdown of a relationship."




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!