Post of the Week: Line-In Lessons

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It’s that time of week again.


This week, we celebrate the work of @LeoRager and his helpful comment about suggesting edits to content in-app.


Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 15.47.41.png


One user got in touch to educate us on two musical groups sharing a name, who were merged together on one artist profile. He said that “[one] is from Germany // The other was [an] Irish folk band from New York City in the 90s. Currently, Spotify has both bands' albums mixed, as if there were only a single group with that name“.


Leo informed the user on how to use the Line-In tool in these instances…

 Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 14.57.00.png



Well-explained and detailed, the summation of the tool and how to report these types of instances is clear. The format and layout of his response is testament to the clarity of his messaging.






... and enjoy a free month of Premium on us!


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Congrats, that was nicely done!


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Well done, you sure do love this Line-In :P


- Tom

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Well done, @LeoRager :)

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Rock Star 16

Congrats and nice post! ^^ @LeoRager



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Rock Star 8

Thanks Everyone! I really wasn't expecting this :) 


And yes Tom line-in and Erich are amazing🎉