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Rock Star Jam

Rock Stars visit New York City for annual Rock Star Jam


The event of the year is here! 


Last week, the Spotify Community team was thrilled to host five of our top Rock Stars in New York for the annual Rock Star Jam.


Group photoGroup photo



The three day annual event that's usually hosted in Stockholm, this time took place in the Spotify HQs in New York  adding to the excitement of the Stars joining. 


Rock Star Jam attendee @Marco who flew all the way from Germany, said "Rock Star Jam has been amazing once again. It was great to meet everyone from all over the world and talk about common interests. New York as the location for this year was a great bonus and very impressive to visit." 


While in New York, the Stars took a tour of the new offices, met with different teams and provided valuable feedback.


Rock Stars try local restaurantsRock Stars try local restaurantsNot only that - they were able to do a walking tour of Manhattan and taste some great food in local restaurants. They also tried their hand at bowling and listened to local bands. 


As Rock Star Gerard aka @Soundofus  from France said, "Flying, walking, talking, meeting, discussing, sharing, listening, discovering, eating, playing, laughing, dancing, enjoying... that was a great Rock Star Jam in New York..."


And it sounds like Rock Star Oscar aka @osornios would agree-- "Getting to tour Spotify's headquarters in NYC was incredible, and doing so with fellow Rock Stars just made the experience truly amazing," said Oscar.


With all this praise, it's no wonder every Rock Star Jam is the most anticipated event of the year.


Here's the full list of Rock Star Jam attendees:

These Rock Stars were rewarded with this trip for their contributions helping others in both the Spotify Community and on Twitter's @AskRockStars.Rock Stars and Community Staff enjoy the High LineRock Stars and Community Staff enjoy the High Line


For Rodrigo, "This year's RSJ in NY was very impressive. The new office is the definition of the perfect place to work. A truly inspiring place!
Being able to meet the RS fellows and the staff, testing new features, and walking around that breathtaking city is something I'm very thankful of."


Bruna who joined the Rock Star Jam for the first time this year shared, "[it] was the best experience of my life. I'm very grateful for being part of this team and having the opportunity to share my thoughts and listen to what others had to say in order to contribute to Spotify's development."


Spotify's Rock Star Program was founded in November 2013. The program works to reward Spotify users that help one another via the Community and Twitter. By posting and tweeting Stars earn points which can be redeemed for Rock Star Rewards.




If you're interested in helping others fellow Spotifiers and possibly earning a trip to the Spotify HQs, you can apply for the Rock Star Program here.