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Saint Raymond x Tom Grennan + dash of falsetto = Julius Cowdrey


I first discovered Julius Cowdrey's 7 Roads (I See You) last year in 2017, but by that point the single had been out for a whole year! It's a really easy to listen to song, with a laid back beat, airy backing vocals, and strong lyrics. The chorus is incredibly catchy too. The simple but layered hook has me humming along every time I listen. I'd best describe this as a cross between blue-eyed soul and alternative singer/songwriter.




Now we're in 2018, the debut single has racked up over a massive 1mil streams.


Julius Cowdrey has released two more tracks since his debut. One in 2017, and another in 2018. I'd love to see an EP appear soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if Julius Cowdrey stuck to the single only format. 


If you have time, I'd recommend checking out both Everyday and Russian Roulette






Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 20,784
Hometown: Canterbury
Would fit best in a playlist called: Huh? I have the whole weekend free.
3 Related Artists: Saint Raymond, Coasts, Tom Grennan
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how the **bleep** do you tell spotify they have lost the plot?

all i wanted to do was to listen to space oddity by david bowie it finds it alright but i have to subscribe to the song whatever that meansand follow it and i cant listen to i have to subscribe to shuffle when spotify will decide when it is played - these are the only options

i'll just buy it off itunes