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Spotify Artists Request

A few weeks ago I applied for Spotify for Artists, and haven't heard back yet. Does it usually take this long? It said that the support team would get back to me by email within 3 days.

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Hi there @LukaTomato and welcome to the community!
If you don't get a reply within a week or two you should try shooting them an email to make sure they haven't overlooked it accidentally or something or apply again if possible.

I've actually been trying for the past few months, and have re-applied multiple times.

Oh I see, and you haven't gotten back any emails?
Have you checked the spam folder or other folders?

yup, checked, and nothing

I see, I'll escalate your post and we'll see how we can help you 🙂

Hey @LukaTomato!

Could you please check your spam and other folders back to the benning of the year (January) to now? There could be a chance you missed it the first time Spotify for Artists responded. If you did miss it and didn't take action on it (didn't reply to it) then that would cause the other emails to be automatically closed, which would explain why you didn't get replies to your other emails/requests.

Yup, I've checked and there doesn't appear to be anything there

Are you really sure you checked back from the beggining of this year (January) to now?

Absolutly nothing.

The only email i've recieved from Spotify Artists says



We’ve just picked up your new request for access to Luka in Spotify for Artists. We’re afraid we’re still unable to confirm that you’re the artist, so we haven’t given you access just yet.

We’ve taken a look at the Twitter and Instagram account you logged into when creating your request. We’re afraid we weren’t able to find a connection to the music on the Spotify artist profile you’re requesting access to. We'd recommend submitting a new request here and pointing us towards another social media account or artist website that posts about your music or concerts, and publicly lists your email address.

We hope this helps clear things up.


The Spotify Team"


I submitted a new request twice, and haven't heard back at all.


Sorry for the late reply, @LukaTomato
You should try contacting Spotify for Artists with a different email adress.

By checking the information of the social networks you gave, the spotify team looks for a relation between you and the artist. Factors such as,  social media creation date, names of the members of the band, number of publications .
To improve the possibility of verification, we recommend that you update your social media information to show your link with the band or the artist. Have more activity and try again in a few months if social media accounts are recent

Uh that's true but not very helpful in this case 😕

I sent another request with a different email address 2 days ago. No confirmation email yet, I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Alright, let me know how things go!
If you need any further help, im always here 🙂

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