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Select album - select play - why doesn't it play track one?

Select album - select play - why doesn't it play track one?

As per the title, fancied a bit of Iron Maiden, selected Iron Maiden/Iron Maiden started playing Running Free, which it has as track 4


1998 Remastered release

No. Title Writer(s) Length

1."Prowler"   3:56
2."Sanctuary"  Harris, Murray, Di'Anno3:16
3."Remember Tomorrow"  Harris, Di'Anno5:29
4."Running Free"  Harris, Di'Anno3:17
5."Phantom of the Opera"   7:08
6."Transylvania"   4:19
7."Strange World"   5:32
8."Charlotte the Harlot"  Murray4:13
9."Iron Maiden"   3:36
Total length:



Why isn't it playing Prowler track one?


This is not the only album I've seen this on.



4 Replies

Anyone know how to contact tech support for this?

Looks like Community doesn't work so well...

I've found that trying to play an album in Spotify is far more difficult than one would expect. Check Spotify hasn't sneakily switched on 'shuffle', it does that to me a lot.


Also, I can't find any user guides for the client, so it's hard to tell which visual cues actually matter. I think if you hit play whilst a track is highlighted, that track is the one played, rather than the first track in the album listing. 

If you have shuffle on, then this happens. You have to turn shuffle off, and it will play from track 1. The problem is that if you go to play an album, you most likely want to start from track 1, and Spotify should automagically turn off shuffle, but it doesn't. 

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