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Spotify does not synchronize local files

Spotify does not synchronize local files






Asus Chromebook C523 

Operating System

Chrome OS 


I installed the desktop Linux application on this laptop and added local music files but they don't sync with the phone (xperia android). It works on another Windows laptop.


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You mean, your phone shows the local files from your windows's spotify? Like under "local files"?

 Hey there @ikevve and @cHDMmFRE


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

We suggest you restart the device on which you experience this issue. This basic step is very simple, but often overlooked.

It's also a good idea to change the source of the local files on your laptop. Simply create a new folder in a different directory on your device and move your local files to this folder. Then just delete the old folder used for the local files. Now you can try importing the files again. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

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