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Mac Client lags, reacts slowly and does not play/stream all songs which are in my local library

Mac Client lags, reacts slowly and does not play/stream all songs which are in my local library

Hi, for years, I was a happy spotify premium customer. The support, the clients, the huge ammount of music. Anything was great, but recently, the issues and problems grew more and more and I am really thinking about to leave to another streaming service. Before I go, I would like to give spotify a chance, to fix at least the most annoing issueas for me.

Its about the new desktop client 1.0.3. on my macs (all run yosemite 10.2)

While the older clients never had issues with this, the new client is reacting totally slow, as soon as I add my local music library. While I accept, this while the music is indexed for the first trime, I expect this to stop after the first round.  But even days after adding my library to the desktop client, it is unuseable slow. It takes about 10 seconds to react after I push any button. When I remove my local music, anything works fine again.

This is not acceptable for me, since spotify has much music, but some of my fav bands are missing and I am not willing to stop including them into the spotify playyists I use.


Beside this problem, I can not understand, why the local files are not searchable in the desktop app. This makes it really hard to add local files to spotifie playlists.


I really like the vvery good and fast suppot of spotify but the qualitiy of the apps is absolutely below the standard at the moment and if things do not change soon, I will leave.





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The ability to search a playlist will be coming back in a future update. (currently no ETA)


There will be more updates coming soon that should hopefully fix a lot of problems.


Read this statement about the new version here:

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Hi, thanks for your answer. While it elucidates the reason for the **bleep** which is ongoing at the moment, it does not answer the question why spotify abuses paying customers like me as beta testers nor does it explain when the issues will be solved. Looking through the forum reveals a lot of complanes about the new spotify client and the last 3 updates seem to have not addressed the requests of the users here. This together with the horrible experience of spotify using my Sonos audio streaming system lets me think if there is really a good reason for me to stay, wait and pay for a buggy service
Anyway, I appreciate your answer and effort to help me and I really want to say thank you for that.


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