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If you are an artist and looking to share your music and ALSO SUPPORT OTHER INDEPENDENT MUSICIANS, Please share your Artist page and/or Playlist here. I will do my best to promote and share any material that I like and hopefully YOU can do the same. We All Need Eachother in this World, Lets Be A TEAM!   My link is Below, Post yours in the comments and reach out!  LET ME START< HERE IS MINE - "

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Thanks TyDro, I love this energy! I work with an amazing artist, Judy Aron to help her promote her music that defies all genre boundaries. Her 2021 EP Caught in the Crosswalk has hypnotizing harmonies and a flare of 90s influences. However, if you're looking to adventure on a sonic journey you have to listen to her instrumental album I'm at a Loss for Words 


LMK you're thoughts!

Hi guys, 


Been producing house tracks for several years now and I really wanted to share the following records with you!


Nodiance - Breathin'

This was my first release on Spotify, so it will always have a special feeling.


Nodiance - Be Good

Next we came up with this track that provides a boost in your day and exudes positive energy!


Nodiance - Thinkin' About You

Our last release, here we went for a record to unleash on and shake the legs loose.

Give it a listen and enjoy!





Instagram - @wearenodiance

Thanks for following, much love

Yooo LaLaLa slaps!

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