[Desktop] Restore Cache Location Specification

I run on a machine with a small SSD for my OS and critical applications.


In previous versions of Spotify I have set my cache to my larger hard drive. Now this is no longer possible.


Now I am constantly having to manually clear my cache and am unable to specify where I want the files to be kept.


This needs to be restored.

Updated: 2015-07-08

Hey everyone, this feature is returning in the 1.0.9 Desktop update. That update is currently rolling out and should reach everyone quite soon.

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Can you post the name of this great engineering genius who decided to remove the cache settings ? I need a name for my pet :)

I am on ssd too and do not want the space bee eaten by the cache and offline stuff.




Aaaaaand! Still Waiting! :)


still not fixed...

I don't want to spend my money on this poor experience anymore, I even have to beg to get service I want? 

apple will lanch the music this month, so just cancel the premium sub,goodbye spotify and RIP :)



Please put this back in!


I need that too. spotify will kill my ssd if that is not getting implemented. 

Please Spotify team, it is not that much work to create a new menu point and to implement a variable cache location!


I use Sportify premium for years, but that issue sucks, from first day on!!!


Well, I am so piss about this that i HAD to come here and register just to say it.


This is one HELL of a good way to F*CK UP and PISS your legitimate customers Spotify.


You turned your already half-working app on windows onto a useless piece of garbage.   Who is the Half-Brain IDIOT that considered removing options for customization as a "cool" feature?


Now my 1.5TB drive that i specially bought for Steam/Spotify and movies is gone to waste and my main SSD is getting trashed by all the spotify cache.


This WAS A FUNCTIONALITY that you DIDN'T need to take, you seriously provoke problems to legitimate customers, EVEN WORSE, you're going to loose new customers this way..


This is just perfect, if you wanted to screw yourself over you're doing it pretty good! and I was thinking apple music was evil, I will have to consider my thinking again.


"Hey folks, this feature will be returning in a future update of the Desktop app. We'll update you here when we have more news. Thanks!"



"hey folks, we are thinking maybe we wil replace this in 2018, after we've lauched 25 other features that you did not know you needed. 

Sorry, but the dog ate the original code and our  paid  intern choked on his  peanuts ,  no one knows how to re-program this"


we've not bothered to update you here for the last 3 months,  because




a) we can't be arsed

b) you are all leaving in disgust anyway so why bother

c) we have a secret deal with SSD makers to trash as many drives as possibel so that you will buy new ones

d) we just read the apple music announcement & need to go run around like headless chickens for a while..

e) what's a cache ?



Hello everyone! 


i came over this problem today, since I don't want Spotify to write endless GB's of data to my SSD.


I have found a solution for this problem on Windows:


Create a so called "junction" for the folder "C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Spotify" that points to your desired destination. In my case, I'd like Spotify to save my data to "D:\Programs\Spotify"


Step 1: Close Spotify

Step 2: Uninstall Spotify

Step 3: Open command Prompt (Ctrl + R) and type in "%appdata%"

Step 4: Delete the folder "C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Spotify" (otherwise the next steps won't work)

Step 5: Create the folder in which you want Spotify to save your data using Windows Explorer (e.g. D.\Programs\Spotify)

Step 6: Open command Prompt (Ctrl + R) and type in "cmd"


Now we're going to create the junction. 


mklink /j C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Spotify D:\Programs\Spotify

Step 7: Download and install Spotify from the official Website


And that's it! It worked for me on Windows 8.1


If this worked for you, please give me a Kudo! :)

Best wishes




Doesn't work after rebooting windows.


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I've unsubbed yesterday because of this.  I can't believe how incompetent your software engineers or whoever thought of this idea to take away KEY functionaliites like cache variability and installation paths.  Like seriously?  We're in 2015 and you're taking away that? Congrats on losing a lot of customers over this ridiculous idea.  Seriously, it's so pathetic and unnecessary.  


For all of the reasons listed above by other users, I am also disgruntled and disappointed that I cannot tell Spotify where I want the junk it creates.  Maybe there are other music services out there that rival Spotify?  I don't know because I have been so happy with Spotify.  But now it is time to educate myself.