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Remove Pop-Up Suggestions

I have all notifications turned off on my iPhone through Spotify settings, but I've been noticing increasing pop-ups telling me to check out these random new features or playlists or artists that I couldn't care less about if I tried.  HOW do I get rid of this? Pop ups once a day was irritating, but now they are occurring 3-5 times a day and I have HAD IT. HAD ITTT.

Updated on 2023-06-12

Hey, you all!
Just jumping in here to say that you can now choose not to get the pop-up recommendations anymore. It's straightforward to deactivate the feature, by just following these steps:


Step 1: When the pop-up recommendation appears on your screen, tap on the What's this button.


















Step 2: On the next screen, you just need to choose between don't get new recommendations from that specific artist or completely stopping to get the pop-ups definitely. 



















Once you choose to stop getting the pop-up updates, there is no way to revert this action, so think carefully before doing this, ok? 🙂

Last, but not least, thanks for suggesting this one, and don't hesitate to give us a shout if you need help with anything...



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Updated on 2023-04-30

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If I pay for a service, I don't want pop-ups unless I enabled them. 


Pop-ups should be only for free users.

I pay for Premium not to see ads you can dismiss. If any important notice to my account, you have email.


yup only for free users


Came here to say this after failing to reach any sort of customer service. I begrudgingly accepted podcasts, but every day I get “special gifts” from artists and “promoted” songs?  How is this not payola?!  


TBH I would like still add pop ups of new songs being released in home page or some where. I have considered getting premium, but scared of missing out on ads for new songs I may like or adverts for concert tickets. It would be nice if spotify did a playlist were I could look up the lastest music promotions.


I do agree that there should be an area for this information. I just don’t want to feel FOMO on top of the craziness in life that I’m trying to avoid with diving into the music I want RIGHT NOW. 


I got today again little banner on top of the home. Saying.

Are you sharing your account with friend? Get Duo Premium and listen separately.

What I don't like about this, I am not sharing it with anyone, and I do not have any friends or anyone to share it with.

There is no need to advertise me Duo when I am happy Premium individual.


These aren't just "suggestions", they are straight up advertisements. Something us Premium users have paid to NOT be exposed to, yet Spotify doesn't give a flying f***. They make more money, by being paid to show us advertisements while promising us an advertisement free experience. Having their cake and eating it too.


  • Their not even trying to hide it anymore. The most recent one I received straight up admits that it's a "Sponsored Recommendation".