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[Subscriptions] Family Plan in Israel

Hi there,

So spotify finally launched in Israel.

I cant seem to find the option to start a family plan.

When will it be available in Israel?


Updated on 2020-07-07

Hi everyone, happy to report this is now implemented.


That's the only version of premium we'll register to


This is a must feature, can understand if the delay is due to scale and product considerations.

I cannot see myself paying 60 NIS for 3 family members



It looks like Spotify doesn't have a premium family plan in Israel, Morty. 

Aw Jeez, Rick! 

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-03-16

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

Marked as new idea 🙂


As you can see I've merged more threads together!


Hey Spotify, why’s so hard to understand that you’ll totally gain the largert market share here ? Your customers are counting down to the moment they can say good bye to Apple Music pathetic search , lousy graphics , counter intuitive and slow as **bleep**. No web based player. And don’t even get us started on ITunes which is arguably the **bleep**iest miserable piece of bloated software ever 🙂 


C’mon .... remove the people from Apple **bleep** 🙂 



My family and I are currently using apple music, we were just about to buy Spotify premium family plan when we just saw there is no one like that available in Israel. this is really disappointing.  


Just adding in here that if this is a popularity issue, my wife and I would love a family plan as well, so count us as +2 votes!


same problem, waiting for the family primium account.

we are family of 5 users, you can count that when a family account is availble i will purchase one, untill than im sorry bur we will have to keep using our free accounts.


Waiting for the family plan here as well!