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I know this is probably out there somewhere already, but I find it quite frustrating that I was assigned a "username" of lots of numbers when my account was created.  It makes it hard for people to find me, as I can't remember my username, let alone try to get them to.  Can we please make it an option to change our username?  Even if there is a once-a-year change or something...that would be such a helpful thing!

Updated on 2019-09-03

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



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Casual Listener

It looks like celebrities and or major artitsts (Diplo as an example) can have "Verified User" Accounts in addition to "Verfied Artist" which enables them to have a custom user name.


Seems like there is a way for this to happen for key accounts.


I would guess one of the reasons this has not happened yet is that Spotify would need to employ a new team to manage conflicts. Imagine if they opened up changing user names tomorrow and I deceided to create Diplo123 or theRealTiesto. Seems like it would be hard to police.


I still think it is important to solve for the rest of us, even if it means having extra resources to deal with conflicts like these.


It is unacceptable that it is not possible to change your username, or have to associate it with Facebook, I have no interest in being part of this social network.


Yes this is a big issue. Almost all other media lets usernames be changed, so why should Spotify be different? I don't want my full name out as my username anymore, so please please implement this feature.




Rock Star 3
Rock Star 3

It is unlikely this feature will be allowed soon, its so hard for a company so big to allow, and could be abused so easily.


Is just programming. Not hard.

Music Fan

Reconsider this. 


Profile pages have undergone some updates over the past couple of months which really improve how users view each others public profiles. Many users on this platform have been stuck with a username which has been automatically generated aka random string of numbers, real names, or any name created a very young age which doesn't age well today.


It takes a lot of resources to manually transfer large playlists over to new accounts, also takes a very long time for the algorithm to learn your music taste. So much data is being lost, since users are leaving their accounts just to change their username. 


Who we are often changes, lets reflect our new identity with usernames which reflect us today.


i really want to change my stupid username, but i dont want to create a new account bc ive got a lot of playlists.


Lo stesso problema che ho posto io, speriamo che il team di Spotify provveda in futuro


It's so frustrating to know that they don't care about a feature A LOT of users are asking for. A simple feature. I know it might not be simple to change the database and how code works, but I really think they should have see this coming at the beginning of this whole company, as it is a primary BASIC feature that shouldn't be denied specially for premium users.


I still haven't moved to another music streaming service just because they have the biggest library and most of the music I like to listen to only they have it. For they are far behind in some features and update implementation.


I really hope they change their mind about this, for now I'm also unable to change my profile picture via desktop after the latest update. It looks like they are making some changes on profiles, but it seems that nothing is changing for the best.