[Blog] #MusicMonday July '19 Review


[Blog] #MusicMonday July '19 Review

Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

#MusicMonday is a hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share some music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check June's review, or My Year In Music to see some of my more recent posts.


Let's go to a journey around the world listening to fresh new tracks, with a few words from the artists themselves:


Operators - Faithless


Let's begin in Montreal, Canada with a very nice synthpop track about living day by day stuck in the same place. In their own words:


"Faithless is a song that formed during a jam session we were having. It’s pretty common for Sam and I to start grooving and riffing and Dan will start singing over it. That’s more or less the genesis of the song itself. I do remember Dan right away started with the refrain “Faithless Faithless” and we all instantly were feeling it. I think the idea for the song was really to express what it means to exist in an increasingly hallucinatory reality that comes out of the repeated failings of ideologies, political/economic systems, and the growing schism between the “higher ups” and the rest of us. We’ve started to believe anything and everything but also nothing. And how Faith as a concept has so often been appropriated as a tool of abuse by those who want to keep their power in the midst of the chaos they’re responsible for. So losing faith is a defeat, in a way, but also the last act of reason, and a way of defiance/liberation.”




Roxana! - Fría


Next stop, Monterrey, Mexico for some indie rock dedicated to that girl who disappoints:


"The song was created from a guitar riff, which is the intro part, we thought it sounded great, and that was kind of some funky vibes. We got inspiration from some bands who played rock and genres of that style."




Polly and the Pockets - Milk Bottle


Off we go to Melbourne, Australia, for a fun groove that can make us be stuck in limbo for hours:


"So basically a friend told me a story about someone he knew who had taken some drugs and thought he was a milk bottle and that if anybody touched him he would fall over and break! Hahah and I thought hey this could be a cool song!"




Velmon - Recuerdos


From Guadalajara, Mexico, this band plays some nostalgic rock to remind us that memories makes us part of people that were important to us at some point of our lives:


"Well, "Recuerdos" is born from [band member] Gustavo's inspiration, in the moments of nostalgia when you are far from people and pleasant moments of life, you are far from facing the difficulties of life and you cling to those beautiful memories to gain strength and follow your path , as life continues to change all the time, the memories remain there.

When you leave your Comfort Zone, and your closest circle of people, memories are that company you find so you don't feel alone."




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!

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