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Does anyone know of another site similar to Spotify that actually has music!  I'm tired of them constantly removing music! Thank!

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Hey @artful_dodger59 


Believe me if I say the most trustworthy platform is your own music library. One you maintain yourself.


Internet platforms are very volatile. Legal music distribution has lots of rules and agreements to go by. Sometimes labels and distributors shut down.  Sometimes some music becomes unavailable everywhere due to things like sample clearance issues. My favourite artist has 2 tracks that are banned for good. It's quite an extreme case where only ways to get these tracks is buying the physical releases or resorting to.. well, illicit downloads.
(Some artists may also remove some content due to their own reasons.)
I can listen to these tracks because I have bought the records. I would be empty-handed if I were to rely on Spotify.

You're free to check out other streaming platforms. You as a customer have the right to choose what suits you best. 🙂
Disappearing and reappearing content is, unfortunately, in the nature of streaming. Spotify as a platform that gives you what content owners allow, can't do much about that. Spotify does not own the rights.


tl:dr - if you love some artists or albums so much you want them to be present at all times, buying them is the best way.


Have a nice day!

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