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Music and Happiness


Music and Happiness

In this space I would like to discuss how Spotify affect our daily lives, and how playlists can regulate our moods.

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Great topic, @shalahk!


I’d say Spotify has been a fairly integral part of my everyday life for quite a while now. I tend to use the Spotify app for much of the day, mainly listening to music on the desktop app, as I spend most of my time at home these days.


As for how Spotify affects my life, I don’t have a definitive answer, but I do have a good guess, which is that I’d say that music can calm me or elevate my mood—perhaps because tuning into the melodies, rhythms, and timbres of the music that I like elicits positive emotions for me. I’m not sure how this occurs, neurobiologically speaking; it’s simply an observation. On the other hand, the opposite effect can happen when I have to listen to music that I find unpleasant (e.g. music playing in the background at a friend’s house or on the radio in a shop), which can cause me to feel on edge; however, this fortunately doesn’t happen very often. 


As for the second part of your topic regarding how playlists can regulate our moods, I tend to spend a lot of time listening to my own playlists, or songs that are in my playlists, rather than exploring unfamiliar tracks (as much as I enjoy discovering music that I like, I tend to be picky and usually don’t save music to my library that I’m listening to for the first time). I have playlists for different genres of music, which provide collections of tracks to play when I feel like listening to different sorts of music; and as such, they make it easy to access songs I already know I like, within any genre that I might want to hear at a given time.


However, I’ve found that I tend to enjoy some genres of music more than others. For example, during the past few years I’ve noticed that I tend to listen mainly to psychedelic- and stoner rock music, and to a lesser extent space rock and stoner/doom metal. I can’t say why my musical preferences are as such; just that it seems I’m less picky when it comes to these genres, possibly because they’re more likely to elicit a positive emotional response for me, and so I end up with larger collections of songs that I enjoy upon repeated listens for these genres. On the other hand, there are also some genres of music that I don’t have playlists for—e.g. country, indie, pop, punk, rap—as I tend to find them unpleasant and have few (if any) tracks in Liked Songs that I could use to build a playlist for these genres.  


Though I spend most time on Spotify using the desktop app, I nearly always wear headphones playing music on Spotify from the mobile app when I go on walks in the park, which I do on most days. I currently reside in a city environment and have autism, which is probably why I find the abundance of loud noises that I inevitably hear when I go outside to be stressful; having music to block out the noises helps me feel calm and in a positive mindspace while outside in a harsh city environment. Unfortunately, this means that I choose not to ride my bike, which I think is more fun than going on walks, since wearing headphones while riding a bike isn’t safe—especially in a densely-populated city.


In a more concise summary, 1) Spotify affects my daily life by allowing me to easily listen to music that I like, in turn probably calming me or elevating my mood; and 2) playlists play a key role in this positive effect on my mood, by making it easy to access tracks that I know I like.



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I listen happy hardcore music on Spotify and it makes me very happy 😄

I literally enjoy listening it for hours. I do like other dance music too, but this one. I listen now most of the time. It makes one happy, content and fulfilled. I don't even mind ads on Free service Spotify. As long as it gives me music I can enjoy big.

I listen to music every day, and use Spotify almost every day. :')

A lot of my favourite music lives in my local library as files bought/downloaded from bandcamp and other places, and having this unlimited access to my favourite music is very important to me.
Music may sometimes become unavailable on streaming services - case in point: 4 Ton Mantis by Amon Tobin, and a lot of Methlab releases that became greyed after the label shut down. I can't listen to them anywhere on streaming, but I still have them in my local library.


Spotify is excellent for artist discovery, can't really think of anything better than this honestly.


Speaking of playlists, I don't really rely on playlists when it comes to mood. Lately I've been more keen on (re)playing albums and queuing songs for playback.. and I don't have any playlists made to fit a particular mood. My fleeting queues are made  with my mood in mind, so that's basically enough for me : )
Playlists serve as a collection of songs, either favourites or songs fitting a certain criteria.

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