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Prog rock fans?


Prog rock fans?

Hey guys! I'm glad to be here. I'd like to know if there are some prog rock fans here. Well, as you may have noticed, I'm a big fan of Jethro Tull, but I'm slowly getting into Yes.

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Hi @musiclife1982 I think that I can call myself a music fac in general but yeah I enjoy prog in the different ramifications (metal, rock, electronic, you name it) but I'm really into the nowadays music.


I have this Playlist with some albums released recently that you can check it out 




Hope you find something you really enjoy!!!


PS. Sort the Playlist by recent additions 



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Hello! Yes is a great band and is quintessential for any prog rock fan. Spotify does have a Prog Monsters playlists that's pretty good, with hidden gems and true classics. If you want more prog bands, you should definitely look into Rush and Pink Floyd, just a couple of my favorites. 🙂 vv

Camel is a pretty good old school prog band (Note: album release dates are out of order)



Ayreon (Arjen Anthony Lucassen) makes prog rock/metal operas staring various guest performers and vocalists and span various genres from metal to folk. Recommend to listen to albums in order (not shuffle) for the best experience.



Welcome! I developed a History of Prog playlist with some folks from a Facebook group in order to get myself acquainted with the genre (I am absolutely a prog fan but mostly in the modern sense, so I wanted to learn my history). I'm sure you are familiar with lots of these, but if not, hopefully you find some more classics.

Hey guys!


We're looking to increase our spread on Spotify, and I'm wondering if you guys would be willing to give our lastest singles a chance to listen to? There's a fair amount of classic prog influences alongside mathy time signature stuff, so there's something for both sides of prog fans I think. Let me know what you guys think, and please do consider adding us to your prog playlists! Any shares would be so appreciated. Prog on!

Julian - go ahead and send me a link. Since this playlist is historical I won't include it here but I'll happily listen and see if it would fit in some of my other playlists. Thanks!

Brilliant! That's so kind of you. Thanks for taking the time to check us out -

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