Succeding as an unsigned artist with under 1k listeners

Succeding as an unsigned artist with under 1k listeners


Hey! I'm Nelss, an artist doing a genre blending pop music based in France, born in Portugal.

As an independent artist I'm finding it really hard to have visibility in such a saturated space. My days consist of searching for new ways or new people to promote my music too. And that doesn't really work because those people lack familiarity with me or my brand. I get skipped pretty fast.

So my questions for you, playlist curators, music aficionados and general consumers of music are the following:

1- What would make you listen/click to a new artist, completely unfamiliar to you.

2- Do you think searching for playlist curators to feature my music is a good approach? Most people that listen to the playlists won't even take the time to go look at what artist is playing. So the translation from listeners to "fans" is really low compared to the time it takes to search for said playlists.

3- If you could say, what is the thing that might make you follow an artist from the moment you notice it?

Thank you!

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