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Why am not interested in premium


Why am not interested in premium

Hello - This is one of my favorite song, but it is not available on Spotify. In this case, how am I interested in upgrading to a premium membership?


Thank you!



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You can still have that song on spotify,


You have it on your computer you can add it through your local files, guess this will require premium,


Nothing really stop in you getting premium.


Hope This Helps.



Hey there @thiyagaonline 


The driving force behind all streaming services is convenience and ease of access to any content you wish. That said, none of them are able to ensure your favourite release is available on the platform. If it is available today, it might not be available some other day. There's a change in its licensing or distribution, and as a result the release becomes unavailable for some time.


I use Spotify a lot, it's a wonderful service for music discovery. Its API is a powerhouse on its own, meaning people can create even deeper ways of music discovery such as Discover Quickly, Every Noise At Once and Obscurify, making searching for new music even easier.

But when it comes to keeping my favourite sounds around, nothing beats buying and downloading the releases I love so I can listen to them whenever I want. Spotify's Local Files feature allows to incorporate local music into your playlists, and most importantly - you favourites will never disappear*.


* you need backups.


In short - Spotify's selling point are the rich amount of features and the powerful API, as well as unlimited access to a massive music library, but like with any other streaming service, the availability of individual releases can and will change in time. 🙂



Oh, and Local Files is available for all users, not just Premium tier @user-removed ; )

I suggest to ensure your favourite release are available on the this platform for example buy them from your favorite marketplace or website.


Then add the favorite songs to your local files on this platform and play them as and when you want and where you want. 

And you can never have enough backups most important choice to keep them safe.  

Again hope this helps. 👍

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