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Chill out zone


Chill out zone

I made this playlist for a slow introduction to reality when I wake up in the morning or before the sleeping

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This post was removed for violating the Community Terms and Conditions, specifically "Avoid double posting". Any users posting the same content multiple times will have their posts removed. For more information please read here:

Done ✌🏻

Nice playlist @GuardanMe , I just gave it a follow. I like to ease out of my night as well! Please take a listen to this song "Ashtray" by Ian Matthew. I think it would add a nice touch! 


Hello there, dropped a like!

Hopefully, you're doing well!
Got a few nice songs for you to listen to, if you like it then please add it to your playlist and possibly follow TooGoodForTV as more songs are coming out soon.
Much love,

Hi jimfgm, I'm Hearing now your son, I like, i can include in this playlist if you want 
please like it and let me know!  

TooGoodForTV Done!
thank you

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