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Distorting Jazz: Fusion Jazz | Djazz | Progressive Jazz | Jazz Metal | Experimental Jazz


Distorting Jazz: Fusion Jazz | Djazz | Progressive Jazz | Jazz Metal | Experimental Jazz



Who said Jazz had to be just standards?

These are amazing the artist from Jazz, Metal, Prog & Rock world blending and shifting what we see as jazz. 

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@nuph Hey thanks for sharing, I love seeing how jazz is mixed with other genres.

New tracks in my current favorite mix.

Love Juice – Owane
Flaming Creatures Against Purple Cubes – Kawri's Whisper
Salt + Charcoal – Plini 

you might like this track, shades of Van Morrison's classic "Moondance":

@lucielynchThanks for sharing.

New Tracks

Winter - Live – Mid Atlantic Title
Shatter – Lawful Citizen
The Aggregate (Of Our Joy and Suffering) – Ron Minis
Becoming – Mammal Hands
The Odyssey – Rymden, Bugge Wesseltoft, Magnus Öström, Dan Berglund
Juice – Krokofant
Break the Bond – Donny McCaslin
Peace for 4 - 2017 Remix – Antoine Fafard
Blast Off – Trioscapes
Dancing Machines – Nova Collective
Te Mato – Mestís
Israeli Jazz – Marbin
Sail Ahead – Krokofant
Phaenomena – Get The Blessing
Polyseven – Antoine Fafard
African Shabtay – Marbin
Anarchytektür – Morglbl
Furious Thoughts of Tranquility – Narrow House
The Revenge of Mochashe'ka – Flannel Math Animal
Form Constant; the Grid – Ex Eye
Spindrift – Colin Stetson
Seven Ways Till Sunday – T.R.A.M
Euroblast – Panzerballett
"K" – Owane
Stomping Grounds – Conflux
West of the West – Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
Hotel Reál – Carl Filipiak, Dennis Chambers
One Note Sanka – 3erGezimmer, Benny Greb, Peter Wölpl, Frank Itt
Xavi – Snarky Puppy
Bird on the Wing – Sungazer
Deeply Woven – Exivious
Ripple Of A Tear – Exivious
A New Horizon – Mendel, Jørgen Munkeby
Mr. Invisible – Thank You Scientist
Ali Baba – The New Earth Group
Cassandra Gemini – The Mars Volta
In Cauda Venenum – The Dear Hunter
Paper Angels – Mid Atlantic Title
Eudaimonia – Shubh Saran
I Will Never Lose You – Jan Felix May
Gabagool – Pymlico
J Buyers – Dorian Concept
Temple – Szun Waves
枯葉 ~Autumn Leaves~ (jazz standard) – SANOVA
Erin – The Omnific
Sleepy Tea – Chon
Eikasia – Mestís
Quiet Fire – Mammal Hands
Animal Chin – Jaga Jazzist
New Bird – Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Indian Ocean – Rotem
Wish Wash – Coy
Yamí Obi – Vitalism
Envy Becomes a Motherfunker – The Pitts Minnemann Project
El Mestizo – Mestís
Emjae – Just A Dream
Traveller – Thom Pankhurst
Shapeless Shape – Syncatto
Lively (Conversation With Like Minded People) – Trip Wamsley
Flâneur – Plini, Anomalie
By Far and Away – Intervals

New Tracks

Swarm – Thank You Scientist
Black Idiom, Pt. 2 – Kinkajous
P.D.A (Produced by Noriyuki Inoue) – jizue
Breathe It In – Ambient Jazz Ensemble
Realise – Cykada
Loke – Kinkajous
Pea Szong – Electromagnets
Remember – Eric Johnson, Mike Stern
The Climb – Mind Spun
Ghost Town – Zac Tiessen, Nick Johnston
Alive – Hiromi, Anthony Jackson, Simon Phillips
Beachy – Coy
Blackline – Coast
Stoplight Loosejaw – Mark Lettieri
Dark Prince – Trio Of Doom
Snake Oil – Tony Williams
Hymn Of The 7th Galaxy – Return To Forever
John McLaughlin – Miles Davis
Awakening - Remastered – Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin
Antics – Grand General
Fugl Fønix – Elephant9
The Life Divine – Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin
Race With Devil On Spanish Highway – Al Di Meola
Saw – Mumpbeak
Knowing Nerve – Chuck Hammer, Billy Martin, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Jamie Saft
Fix My Life – Melt Yourself Down
Number 9 – Moon Hooch
Pygmy Funk – Spyro Gyra
Daybreak – Special EFX, George Jinda, Chieli Minucci
Flower – StarSystems
Party Time – StarSystems
Laura – Bright Curse
Khimaira – The Omnific
Cloud Wars – Medeski, Martin & Wood
Oba-Bow – Progger
Petal – Chon
Belgerisk Improv – Panzerpappa
Depot – Sick Gazelle
Sun House – Ayumi Ishito
Death Sequence I – The Physics House Band
Second Liminality – Throttle Elevator Music, Kamasi Washington
In the Castle of My Skin – Sons Of Kemet
Inner Babylon – Sons Of Kemet
What About Me? – Snarky Puppy
High Tea – Roller Trio
Uber Station – Rock Candy Funk Party
In the Groove – Rock Candy Funk Party
Background Music – Rafiq Bhatia
Two Folk Songs – Pat Metheny
Saturday Ends – Owane
Big Red Button – Lye By Mistake
For the Fallen – Kneebody
Cold Dead – Flying Lotus
McNutty – Electro Quarterstaff
Acid Kiss – Cuong Vu, Pat Metheny
And In Truth – Colin Stetson
Stomping Grounds - Live Version – Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
Uno – The Bad Mexican
The Glass Bridge – Animals As Leaders
Air Chrysalis – Animals As Leaders
Monkeys and Slides – Allen Hinds
Ruhkukah – Allan Holdsworth
Iggy – Acoustic Ladyland
Entertain Me – Tigran Hamasyan
Ostia – Zu
Detox Gruel – The Wrong Object
Curse of the Ninth – Trioscapes
Questions – Symetry
Akshaya Tritiya – Special Providence
Promises Kept – Sonny Sharrock
Outlier – Snarky Puppy
Healter Skelter – Shining
Take Five – Panzerballett
Dancing Machines – Nova Collective
God Shaved The Queen – Morglbl
Reed Idol – Merkabah (PL)
The Depot – Marbin
The Wait of the World – Kayo Dot
Praha (Ancient Gold) – Ephel Duath
Rask – Eivind Aarset
Hungry: Portrait of a Cereal Killer – Delicious Death
Houx-Wardiougue – Cartel Carnage
Hand of God – Brain Tentacles
Culture Clash – The Aristocrats
Bir Enzarane (Cover) – Salazh Trio
Rise – Animal Society
Joy Techniques – Nate Mercereau, Terrace Martin
The Garden – Brad Mehldau
FXMLDR – Thank You Scientist
The Speckle – Coast
La Vaca Mariposa (El Becerrito) – Felix Martin
Swan Gang – Tang
Oumuamua – Ikarus
Nuit Speaks – Sex Magick Wizards, Sigrid Aftret, Viktor Bomstad, Henrik Sandstad Dalen, Axel Skalstad
Immediate Results! – Arch Echo
Modern Value – Victoria
A Clock Without A Craftsman – Lee McKinney
Hacker City – Gnarbot
Wombat Astronaut (Beyond the Burrow) – Plini
Ancestral Recall (feat. Saul Williams) – Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Saul Williams
Pixel Heart: Verdant – Stephen Taranto
Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love) – Diablo Swing Orchestra
They Call Him the Smiling Assassin – Consider the Source
Kites – House of Waters
Chonks – Snarky Puppy
Summon The Fire – The Comet Is Coming
Litany Against Fear – Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
Rekt – Owane
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme – Jan Zehrfelds Panzerballett
Bellatrix – Counter-World Experience, Christian Meyers
Sugaruzd +++ pT – Anton Eger, Robin Mullarkey, Matt Calvert, Dan Nicholls, Petter Eldh
Infinity – Zac Tiessen

New Tracks

A Flower of Flesh & Blood – The Death Particle
Salvator Mundi – Mark Lockheart, Roger Sayer
Expert Hygiene – Alarmist
Shmink Dabby – Lettuce
Disintegrate – Joona Samuel
Groove is King – Rock Candy Funk Party
Aeropeans – Aki Rissanen
There You Are – Nate Mercereau
Duende – Jin Jim
8Ball City – Kenner
Birds of Fire – Mahavishnu Orchestra
Wrinkle – Thank You Scientist
Canales' Cabeza – The Nels Cline Singers
Rainbow Road – Three Trapped Tigers
5 – Three Trapped Tigers
Vegan Mustache Jazz – Dumb Waiter
Petrichor – Alarmist
Pink Mood – Ultralyd
Ho Chi Minh Trail – Seabrook Power Plant
Brewery Of Beggars – Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Undone – Next.Ape
Back to Life – Alberto Rigoni, Marco Minnemann
Anthem (To Human Justice) – Logan Richardson
spectres de mouse – mouse on the keys
Beginning of Life – JABBERLOOP
混沌と創造の幾何学 – fox capture plan
Story – Chon
Dreamer – Hiromi, Anthony Jackson, Simon Phillips
Last Train Home – Pat Metheny Group
Escalator (feat. Sen Morimoto) – Resavoir, Sen Morimoto
Licenseless – Milton Man Gogh
Darkness All Around – Nightmare Scenario
El Mentor – Christian Galvez, Ronald Baez, Felipe Catrilef, Claudio Rubio, Esteban Zúñiga
river – jizue
Spanish Eddie – The Aristocrats
Full H.D. – Hippie Diktat
Mielisaurus – Alamaailman Vasarat
Fubar – Les Yeux De La Tête
You're a Genius, Maybe – Mosca Violenta, Mombu
Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu – Roy Paci & Corleone
Kanyl-Berrars Orkester – Slemlurk
Persian Nights – Slivovitz
Digital Dream Sequence – Trioscapes
Oiseau – Kenta Shimakawa
Righteous Energy – Nate Mercereau

New Tracks

Signals in the Dusk – Portico Quartet
不忍の忍者 – SANOVA
The Elusive Character Of Victory – Zu
Seasick Part 2 – Nachtmystium
Admittance – Shining
HAAS Kicker – T.R.A.M
Atlas Novus – Scale The Summit
Sa Ma Ga Pa – Abhijith. P. S. Nair, Sandeep Mohan, Mohini Dey, Simon Phillips
Time-Lapse City – GoGo Penguin
Konton to Souzou No Kikagaku – fox capture plan
Hopopono – GoGo Penguin
Kandaiki – Mammal Hands
Round Roads – Topology and Trichotomy
Opium of the People – Peculate
Pasquinade – Komara
Ethereal Mind – Octopus
Friction – Tauk
Morgendämmerung – Toni Eberle Band
Sculpture – Skalpel
Mind Free – Logan Richardson
On Fire – School Of The Arts, t lavitz, Dave Weckl, Frank Gambale, John Patitucci, Steve Morse
Towards the Black Hole – Hitabaldaäs
Kabla Khufu – The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra
Dream Controller – Sky Window
MCW – Shigeto
Volta – Dog Drive Mantis
Cosmic Liberty – Casimir Liberski
Invisible Pastel – Antoine Fafard
Spectra – Kneebody
Zeitgeber – Manu Delago
mind – mouse on the keys
Tokyo – Donny McCaslin
The Walk – Anika Nilles
Shine – Anika Nilles
Cocoon – Richard Henshall
The Gates – The Kraken Quartet
Lanyard Loop – Allan Holdsworth
What We Become – Dave Mackay
Sign of Four – Chris Letchford
Jaguar – Feralcat
Whiskey Chaser – Marbin
Cosmic Collisions – Ronin Arkestra, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Shinpei Ruike, Tsuyoshi Kosuga, Wataru Hamasaki, Sauce 81, Kenichi Ikeda, Kohei Ando, Hiraku Arata
Icy Roads (Stacked) – Joe Armon-Jones
In Dulci Jubilo – Mark Lockheart, Roger Sayer

New Tracks


Prayer – Collective Conscience
Spirits – Bear Garden
The Bird – Bear Garden
Candlelight – Moon Hooch
Celsius - Benny Greb's Moving Parts – Benny Greb
Tricky - Benny Greb's Moving Parts plays Grebfruit 2 – Benny Greb
Mutatis Mutandi II – Chuz Estrada
One Heart – Billy Pod
Limit to Your Love – Billy Pod, Katerine Duska
Rivulets – Analogue Dear, Yvette Young
Microscopic Scale – Evan Brewer
Roller Coaster – Tim Miller
Avail – The Bad Plus
Gravitons – Quantum Trio
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giantslayers – Sam Eastmond
Portent – Painkiller
Naptime – Mark Lettieri
Shooshabuster – Hilmar Jensson, Jim Black, Andrew D'Angelo
The Hands – Fire!
Vrresto – Sax Ruins
Hilasterion – Merkabah (PL)
Hilasterion cont. – Merkabah (PL)
Solar Surfer – Merkabah
Liquid Fire – Quantum Trio
Ostron Koma – Petter Eldh, Koma Saxo, Jonas Kullhammar, Mikko Innanen, Christian Lillinger, Otis Sandsjö
Galleries / Underworlds – Husmo HAV
Labrys – Mario Diaz de Leon, Rebekah Heller
The Birds – Electric Kif
Ohlop – Oddarrang
Lifeforce Part II – The Comet Is Coming
Ha Ha Hotel – Mike Stern, Jeff Lorber Fusion
Ocean In A Drop – GoGo Penguin
Am Wired – Mischa Blanos
The Afterlife – The Comet Is Coming
Ex-cess – Konstrukt, Ken Vandermark
Crisis – Saudade
Mr Sunshine – Lydian Collective
03 - Sunstroke – Brom
Glass Ceiling – Vix Trio
Offset – Portico Quartet

Hi @JESquare love to see another Jazz Lover around here.


Here my own Playlist that maybe is also away of the starndars... also we have some artist in common in both Playlist. I'm going to listen yours. 




Contemporary Jazz 

JpgchiefRock Star 14
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@Jpgchief  Thanks for sharing. It's awesome to see another Jazz fan. I hadn't known Tauk had released a new track. Keeping making awesome playlists.

Herman Martin dug into this archives, found a dissonant electro thing and asked guitarist Hans Van Oost to throw some wild jazz solos over the top. It's pretty abrasive when it gets going, in a good way.

Hey, great to see all these playlists...
Thought i'd add mine.  I love Jazz, but i love Rock!  I have a track in here as well called The Funk You See.  This list is guitar the best!


That is a great list! 

IF you have time, check out my track "The Funk You See".  Id be honoured to sit amongst those names

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