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DrOp YoUr pLaYlIsTs!!!


DrOp YoUr pLaYlIsTs!!!

62 Replies

here’s mine, hope u’ll check it out

everything indie;)






This post was removed for violating the Community Terms and Conditions, specifically "Avoid double posting". Any users posting the same content multiple times will have their posts removed. For more information please read here:

i followed u back, follow me back if not already

I've curated a playlist dedicated to remembering the hard to find instrumentals heard on The Weather Channel's local forecasts throughout the 80's, 90's & 00's while also introducing listeners to the latest in Smooth Jazz 

first of all, what a taste some of yall got<3 here is 3 of my favorite playlists  - one of them is just a mix of some of my favorite songs atm, the other is just an overall vibe

yes yes YEEES, the third one is more pop-rock-rap-ish i guess (machine gun kelly, juice world, jxdn etc.)


windows down:


cant escape it ever:

th etitle fits quite good the playlist, super chill ;D
here's mine, hop eyou enjoy it aswell ^^

I hope you like my new playlist. I Will follow you back 😊

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