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For your supercool X-Mas Playlist! :-)


For your supercool X-Mas Playlist! :-)


I don't have really a cool X-Mas Playlist, so I just put all my Christmassongs in one Playlist here at Spotify.

Variety is the key, I think! So if you do have a cool Christmas Playlist, maybe you go through my few songs and add one or the other song from my christmas list?(The more the better!) 😉


If you do and post the link to your supercool X-mas Playlist here and I find one or the other song from me in your playlist, I will like your playlist with my regular spotify account!


Spotify – All Christmas Music by DJ CoolSoda



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Thanks, great X-Mas Playlist u are working on! If you think one of my X-Mas Songs would also fit in, I would be happy!

Whow! My Songs were already added to 93 Playlists, most of them I think are private!

So, thank you for listening and adding the music you like from my songs to your private or public X-Mas playlist! 🎅🎄🎁🎶

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