Italian Rap

Italian Rap

I noticed that there is a lack of italian rap playlists in the community and on spotify. I mean lets be serious, Rap Italia: Battle Royale is a good option, but as all spotify playlists, it has some not so wanted songs.  

I created a playlist with the best artist and their best songs. I tried setting a limit of maximum 3/4 songs per artist. If you are into italian rap or italian trap, check it out. 

I'm open for any suggestions and if I like the song, I'm going to add it to the playlist.

I appreciate every like, especially if you like my playlist.


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Ciao, in effetti è davvero dura trovare playlist di rap italiano, è bello che qualcuno ci si metta di impegno per creare delle nuove community. Ti giro un pezzo che ho fatto uscire ieri, fammi sapere!


Ti lascio anche il contatto IG nel caso  ne avessi bisogno: @mrpres_tv


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Honestly I don't know that much about Italian rap since I just started getting into it, so my taste essentially consists of Ghali and Shiva, but I look forward to finding more artists. Here's my playlist so far:


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