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Monthly Playlists?

Monthly Playlists?

I make monthly playlists for myself. These playlists either consisting of new songs that I'm into that specific month, what mood I am in that month, or just what that month represents (weather that month, the holiday(s) that month, etc).


If you do something similar, would love to see one or more of your monthly playlists posted here!


Feel free while exchanging to check out my monthly playlists on my account!


Love to see people with similar tastes or even different tastes in which I can discover something new and exciting!

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i do the same thing but rather than monthly i do seasons!

Yes! This one is great. I have very similar taste looking at this playlist. Excited to listen fully through to discover some different songs from some of my typical artists I'm seeing here 🙂

i loved your aesthetic and playlists so much 😭😭
i don't actually do exactly monthly playlists, but every month i am with a new playlist with the songs i like the most on the time!
of this month I have that
but i have a lot more on my profile, so with you want check it out 🙂

thanks so much for the love and for the follow! followed you back 😉
your songs on the edgier side of my tastes which I live for. Excited to discover some hidden treasures.

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