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New Electro - week 47


New Electro - week 47

Freshly updated the EPM Music Electro playlist with DJ 3000, Will Simpson, Der Zyklus, Lake Haze, Brian Kage, Dopplereffekt, Fleck E.S.C's remix of Phelan Kane, E.R.P., Client_03, and Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code's remix of Waajeed feat. Black Nix, out now on Motech Records, Native Drum, Frustrated Funk, Atlantic Thunder, Craigie Knowes, Clone, Bulletdodge and Tresor.


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Hello, I would really like to be added to the playlist, I've been following this topic for a while, it's very good for new artists, esspecially meeee. And i got this song recently released :

Thanks for the suggestion but the Electro Machine Funk playlist is only for Electro.

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