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[New Releases] Psyche Space 2022 #48


[New Releases] Psyche Space 2022 #48


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Psyche Space Wednesday is another way for highlighting great music. It's a handpicked selection of 20 songs completing the monthly playlist and featuring mostly songs very recently added : Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock, Psychedelic Doom, Krautrock, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock. It's curated every Wednesday by Soundofus.


November 30, 2022 - Time : 1 h 47 min


Psyche Space Wednesday



* All Them Witches * Blackwülf * Ape Machine * Cowboys & Aliens * Planet Gemini * Hong Faux * The Riven * Cosmic Reaper * Liquify * Horizon * Stones Of Babylon * Mutha Trucka * Matty * Annabelle Chairlegs * Tutankhmun * Aux Portes * The Macks * London Odense Ensemble * The Noise Figures * Elder *



Additional Keywords : 2022, new releases, instrumental

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