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Playlist Exchange: Cozy Autumn/ Winter PLaylist


Playlist Exchange: Cozy Autumn/ Winter PLaylist

Hello people, 


I need your help! I'm sorta getting bored of my autumn/winter playlists and need some fresh new songs or older ones haha. 


Drop your cozy playlists. Give me some inspiration 


So far I got this: 


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Here's a good song that should fit on an autumn/winter playlist!

August (Ben's Song)

These autumn aesthetic playlist threads have been helpful for a lot of reasons - namely, I didn't have an autumn aesthetic playlist, period! *facepalm* Here's mine - I'm sure it's a little generic, and there's definitely probably too much Coldplay, but I'm on a Coldplay kick currently and it just seemed right. I think this is fairly comprehensive - Bon Iver, Clairo, Fleetwood Mac, Hall & Oates, etcetera. I also included a few songs by lesser-known artists MICHELLE and Junyang. MICHELLE are a six-member collective from NYC and Junyang is a producer from Singapore!


I hope this is somewhat helpful/enjoyable. 🙂



Wow! Thank you so much for your efford! 

I'm going to listen to it now! 

Thanks for the playlist, including in my library!!

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