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Sad chill beats - lofi hip hop and electronic aesthetic - relax


Sad chill beats - lofi hip hop and electronic aesthetic - relax

Short playlist, but I want to keep adding and updating it as I discover new music.


First post, and I'm new, so give me a follow so I can make new friends and discover new music? I'm working on other playlists of different moods I enjoy and would really like to discover new music and see what everyone else is listening to!

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Great Share thanks love it great for new inspiration.

Then please do not miss out on my playlist.. you should like it aswell perfect for a chilled summer night. If you like the playlist I would also be happy to have a new follower ;-).

I really like the mood you've created with this playlist. I think a couple of songs on my playlist would fit yours very well.  You should listen to "Bruises" by Lewis Capaldi and "Just The Same" by Bruno Major first. I hope you like them! 


Also, I would appreciate it if you could follow my playlist as well! Thanks 🙂

yeah I'll definitely give it a listen!! thanks for the specific song suggestions c:

Nice playlist man! You should consider adding this track 🙂

Nice playlists!

I'll definetly check the out. ^^





my name is serpico from jersey


that playlist u made is dope

i think you would be into my new EP

very chill 

very soothing



give it a listen if u get a chance


thanks for ur time

dope playlist im gonna follow now


check me out if youre taking submissions

hey! just found your playlist. if you're looking for layered guitar lofi tunes check this out!

This is a lofi chillhop EP that I produced, I think it will fit well in your playlist!

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