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What are you listening at the moment?


What are you listening at the moment?

It's easy, just tell us honestly what you are listening at the moment?


I was listening to this while writing this:

Rasster – Summer Stories (feat. Matthew Moz)


What about you?


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New The Black Keys' album, Ohio players.


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Came across these guys because they're playing a benefit for one of the best guys in music, Jesse Malin, tonight in NYC. They're good, raw, fun, and perhaps the second best dental song ever, in Cavity Creeps.Yay!

Luke black- winter dahlia


Happy hardcore. Next week road trips starts on my bike. 80 km a day at first.

I'm currently listening to SHAKE SUMN, my playlist filled of fun edm / house / club classics / remixes ↓↓

As well as my personal favorite, jam playlist! As you can tell by the title, it is filled of songs to jam out to! Mostly pop, some hip hop, and some r&b ↓↓

I wanted so badly feature phone, but then I realised you can not install Spotify to listen this.


Now playing.

Which phone?  Spotify install on any Apple phone

I wanted badly Nokia feature phone:

Nokia 225 4G (2024)

It's basically a phone which no one wants anymore, but I love these phones. They just does not support Spotify.


At the evening there is some hardstyle playing:

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