Disinformation and religions

Disinformation and religions


So, if some joe rogans podcasts were removed because they contained disinformation which some people believes, why are religions allowed at Spotify? Religions are disinformation and some people believes them. Bring joe rogan back or ban religions. 

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Interesting point but ultimately I don't think I agree with you. I'm not trying to defend religion, , but I think the argument could be made that Joe Rogan and religion have different effects on the public. Again, interesting point, but I don't the two are exactly equal. I think that people know what religion is and how to identify religious messages when they hear them; by now most people are able to take religion for what it is. I'm not saying it's harder or that it's easier to figure out whether or not what Joe Rogan is saying is true than it is with religion -- all I'm saying is that it's different. Religion is easy to spot. But from Joe Rogan's massive platform it's certainly not the same to know if he is sharing accurate info. Also, I'm not expressing any opinions about Joe Rogan's content. I just don't think the two are the same


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