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I feel handicapped


I feel handicapped

Since the recent changes of Spotify removing all of the amazing and great features letting us find new music, how do you guys actually find new music to listen to?


Putting the fact aside that Spotify are removing features and increasing the price of the service; I feel handicapped with the lack of good features to use to find new good similar music. I have been using the playlist radio to add new music to my playlists for many many years. This has worked incredibly well before and this has been the source of all my favourite songs for the past years.


Now it seems we're stuck with Smart Shuffle that feeds you the old garbage you have been listening to for ages and the daily mixes that really doesn't deliver any relevant songs.


The one really good feature left is the Discover Weekly mix that gives you a set of new songs every monday, but this playlist is usually old news by tuesday.


Where do you guys turn to finding new music that you like? Have I tried all the features and are there none left? Is this it?

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I find daily lists almost useless. They contain all the tracks I already have/know from one of my lists.


I usually search new music listening compilations or other users playlists or just surfing related artists profiles.

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