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Test out the new Spotify for Developers

Test out the new Spotify for Developers

Hey everyone,


A new version of the Spotify for Developers website is coming soon! The new site includes a major redesign along with some new features and content.


A beta version of the new website is ready for testing and we would love to hear what you think. You can visit the beta site at to try it out and see what's new.


Please share any feedback that you have with us by replying to this thread. We are especially interested in hearing about any potential bugs or problems with the new website, but feature requests and other comments related to the new site are also welcome 🙂

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Hey @spotifyjosh, new design looks great.


The "Try It" button is broken for me - it keeps going through auth flow over and over.

Hi @Matt_M, I'm glad you like the new design!


Thanks for pointing this out - the Try it feature should be working again now. Let me know if you are still running into any problems with using it.

I am also not able to get to the developer dashboard. I just get an error stating "Something went wrong, we could not load this dashboard page. Try again later." and I'm redirected to the home page.

@spotifyjosh great that you are working to improve things for developers - could you please reply to our request to allow applications to use the Device Auth flow that Spotify already has?

Hi, @spotifyjosh


We are planning to add a login mechanism to our media site "NiEW" so that users can listen to various playlists on the site's music player by logging in. However, no matter how many times I submit an extend request, it is always rejected because it "violates thumbnail regulation" or "does not have detailed screenshots".


As far as we can tell, there is no violation of regulations on the screen after login, but can you tell what the reason might be?

Also, no matter how many screenshots I attach, I get an error on the application screen and cannot attach them. I am now sharing the images through a Google drive link, are you seeing that?


It would be great if you could check.



I have a Feature Request for the v1/me/Currently Playing/v1/me/player endpoint.

Is it Possible to add an "Etag" or "Last Modified" Header in the Response? with that headers we could make the request& response a bit faster and lighter because we could get a 304 not Modified instead of getting the whole duplicate response if the endpoint is queried multiple times while the exact same song is playing. and only get a 200 response if the currently played song changes 

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