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In Our Headphones

In Our Headphones: May 2022


Gooood morning, Community!


It's 70F 20C degrees outside and you're reading the grooviest blog post from coast to coast.


Spring has come, the harsh winter has passed. What more to say than... Put those headphones on and let's go for a hike!


Have you listened to modern talking? Not the relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past kind, but this Modern Talking:


Modern Talking, Eric Singleton - You're my heart, you're my soul 


The radio-host intro from Eric Singleton is all this song has ever needed to modernize the timeless masterpiece. And this will be the theme of today's epic journey into the randomness of music recommendations from all around the globe.


First stop is London, where @Jeremy leads us to with his first proposal. No, wait, the destination is actually Ghana:


Jeremy: "I heard this song for not long ago. It really got stuck with me and it reminds me of Ghana. I'm not even close to knowing how many times a day I vibe and dance to this song. The good energy is real."




Thank you, I feel it too. Let's all get up from our seats and join him in his dance.


--The host catches his breath--  Phew, that was an energetic start. How about we calm down a little? @Eni  says, there is nothing more calming than listening to the right classical music and she has just the right talent to acquaint us with the funkiest classics:




Eni: "This piece of Brahms makes me feel quite a bit homesick. It could be heard in so many celebrations and when I used to play the piano I had to opportunity to play it once in public."


A round of applause for her. Keep on classicking!


After the concert has ended, we're back at Jeremy's condo with:




Jeremy: "This is actually a friend of mine that released this song for a couple of weeks ago. It's really amazing and I feel like this is a song you can listen to in the club as well as on the balcony while relaxing. I don't have a specific memory to it except that I literally connected to it as soon as I first heard it."


Do you think your balcony has enough room for all of us to make a club out of it and blast this song? Don't worry, the neighbors won't mind, we will carry our headphones (the host makes a direct eye contact with the camera in the recording studio and winks at the listeners/viewers).


After the balcony, where should we go? So many questions (the host digs through a pile of sheets), here is another one:


What do hikes and classics have in common?


Answer: Hikes are fun in sunny weather, and this classic retro hit from @Emil tells us exactly where the weather is good for going outside all year round:




Emil: "This was the song for the wedding dance of friends of mine who married a couple of years ago. I never knew what the song was called and then I stumbled upon it in a random video! Besides having fond memories of it, I think it has a great message and is just a super sweet song!"


Amazing song to be part of a love story. One would say it's a romantic song. Do you know what else is romantic? Chemistry. (smirks)


@Elena, do you have something to share with us on the subject?


Elena: "Second band that has been on repeat lately is My Chemical Romance with their new song The Foundations of Decay - their first track after 8 years of silence and it was worth the wait."




What was the first band? Which other song have you been listening a lot lately and where are you going to lead us with it?


Elena: "This month I have been listening to 2 bands that don't really go together all that well, but have been in my top artists for a good while now. Starting with the song Morning Lights by the Bulgarian band Odd Crew - it's one of the singles that has come from their new album and I think it's absolutely prefect from start to finish."




They do fit well together, once you put on your headphones, everything does!


This journey almost feels like the one in the song "From Paris to Berlin". If someone's getting tired though, no worries, @Vasil has got us covered and will give us a ride with his car. What are we going to listen on the car stereo?


Vasil: "I've been on the road more often than usual during the last days and this playlist, suggested to me via Instagram, has kept me great company. It includes some awesome tracks, bass boosted and calming at the same time, would recommend for long distance travels!"




A whole calming playlist for long road trips, that's exactly what we needed.


On a road trip every conversation starts with a fun icebreaker and inevitably leads to deeper questions. (the host digs through the sheets on the desk again, and again, gets visibly confused, but manages to keep his cool) We don't know what the asked deep question was, but he surely knows the answer:


Vasil: "Because Tommy Vext."






That was quite the genre switch, do you have more of that?


Vasil: "Oh, and this one, suggested to me by a very dear person and it kind of stuck around in my mind & main Playlist for a reason. Song is great."




Indeed a special song. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.


@Mario also wants to join us in this short bittersweet dip in the memory-fondue:


Mario: "Something I've found myself listening to quite frequently, as of recently:




happened somewhat spontaneously (despite the fact I hadn't listened to it in a good minute), as it's one of those songs I've known for more than a decade (goosebumps all over when I first listened to it, as a kid).It's almost funny for me to see how I still resonate and vibrate with the energy of the song; also, the lyrics, are meaningful and arguably relevant nowadays still. Go check it and (hopefully) get inspired!"


Feeling nostalgic? You don't have to be, as we're on a journey and things past, that didn't last... ocean vast... What am I talking about? Yeah, music does that to you, but @Kiril is always here to help with some truly positive vibes, get us back on track and lead us to an exotic destination:


Kiril: "This month I had a flash back and remembered my high-school fascination with this British artist, actor and director - Nitin Sawhney - his style is a great fusion between electronica-beats, Asian folklore, jazz and triphop! I see that the artist has never stopped releasing music ever since, but the album that stuck into my mind so vividly was the one from 1999 called 'Beyond Skin'. It's a true masterpiece and I want to make you hear 3 songs...after taking a listen I bet you'll want to hear the whole album as it flows effortlessly and gently touches your soul in places!"






That was inspiring!


But the journey to Asia is long and we'd need a bassy song for Vasil's car. Luckily @Xenia, as always, shows up right on time with the exact, most suitable, rightest track idea submission:




Tell us more about this song, Xenia.


Xenia: "Recently discovered this song, it’s the 2nd of a total of two releases the artist has. Really loved their first single that came out half a decade ago and was presently surprised that there’s a new song that I enjoy just as much."

Enigmatic as ever, we'll have to find the first song on our own. But that's what Search is for, right? The search bar is also where our short teaser journey into the musical wilderness will conclude.


(the host touches the earpiece on his ear evidently listening to an internal announcement and silently exhales in surprise) Wait, what? Rammstein?


Yes, Emil, tell us more.


Emil: "Rammstein has a new album. Whenever that happens that's something I will have in my headphones at least for a couple of weeks. Almost 30 years of music and there's not one album that doesn't have at least a couple of total bangers in it."



I hope you enjoyed this month's show. Join us again next month.


Oh, you want an encore?




Enjoy the full In Our Headphones playlist here:




The Playlist from Vasil: