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Account Hacked, can't change password on your site

Account Hacked, can't change password on your site



For the last few days I've had my Spotify interrupted consistently by another account.  Even when I "log out on all devices", somehow a new device pops up - the most recent one is simply called "Anonymous".  I have had songs changed in my playlists, new playlists added, and my account was also upgraded to a family plan without my doing it.


I went online to log out all devices again and change my password, but your site is not allowing me to (I have provided a screenshot of what it tells me when I attempt to change my password).


This is incredibly frustrating, and unsettling, and I would like to continue my Spotify subscription without fear of my account details being compromised.


Thank you.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 9.59.01 AM.png
2 Replies

I'm having EXACTLY the same problem. Exactly the same. It keeps reverting to my old password.


EDIT: I did the password reset  instead. I am hoping that worked; looks like it did. (Also, someone keeps adding an iPhone to my account. I have never owned an iPhone, and I've deleted it multiple times already)

Why are my replies with additional information in this thread being deleted?  I'm providing information and screenshots regarding the individual that has clearly hacked my account, and these replies are being removed.


I am incredibly confused - I have been a subscriber for a long time, but this nonsense has me very strongly considered unsubscribing.

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