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Another "Can't Play Current Song" Thread

Another "Can't Play Current Song" Thread

Hi all!

Sorry for the thousand posts with the same problem but let me explain what I've done and what I'm experiencing:


Playing some music - "Can't play current song", restarting Spotify - same trick after some minutes of listening.


What I've done:

1. Restarting Spotify

2. Disabling/Enabling hardware acceleration

3. Disabling/Enabling crossfading songs

4. Downloading 1.7.0* (the older version) - this does the trick (for now) but I don't like the UI. Also still testing so it can't be 100% sure

5. Reinstalling Spotify from scratch

6. Checking/Unchecking High Quality Streaming


Recently I've added new sound card (it works perfectly with all my other apps/programs!) - Creative Audigy SE (SB5070 if I'm remembering correctly).


From time to time I experience some drop outs with no reason.


Windows 10, 16GB Ram, i5 Processor, All drivers up to date, no malware or viruses.


Looking for help.

Thank you!



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And just to add - Disabling/Enabling Windows Firewall didn't do the trick..

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