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Hi guys! I need a little help here, I sent to spotify my 2 songs and I did this with Tunecore.

The pubblication will be on 10 February but I don't know if I have to create my artist profile right now or I have to wait untile 10 February.

Someone please can help with some information on this artist account? How can I procede? Thank you so much for all you help 😃 I really need a hand 😄

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i'm not sure but i think tunecore will handle this for you.

Anyway here you can read more about the artist page:


Your Artist Page


Good luck with your music !




Thank you so much! I really don't know about tunecore, he said that he will send my music to the store but he didn't say anything about the artist page.

I guess once my music is on the spotify store i have to create a playlist and added my songs to my profile... what do you think? 


(also I don't know how to create an account with an username with two separate word.

My artist name is Steve Ropes but spotify doesn't let me put it in that way but like this : Steve_ropes.. spotify tells me that I can't use two separate word.. do you know something about that?)


Thank you =

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