Change my home address


Change my home address


When upgrading to Family Premium I put in the wrong home address for my family to fill out, and now I can not find where I can change it to the correct one. How can i fix this? 🙂 Grateful for any help!

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I canceled my family plan 2 weeks ago so I think you can just do the same


Hey all! Thanks for your reports.


I completely understand where you're coming from, but right now it's not possible to view/change your address.


I'll continue to pass all feedback on this on to the right folks. You can also show your support for this idea on the Ideas board. If there's anything else, always feel free to reach out. 🙂


Hope you're having a lovely day!

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This address check is the most stuppid idea I found in the internet era. I have a Spotify Premium Account just to share with my two daughters that LIVE WITH ME and my wife AT THE SAME ADDRESS.

If they are unable to use their accounts because SPOTIFY is unable to validate the address is the same, there is no point in continue this subscription.


Attached is a family picture, if you need I have also my 10 years of Tax Form Filled, where 5 of them is using my latest home address.



Unbelievable. I'm having the same issue of entering address with a typo and now anyone in the family can join and I can't see the address.


**bleep** spotify. Already paying Apple Radio. Just a matter of time to cancel this,


Well, I have cancelled my family and premium membership. Switched to Deezer, equally enjoyable, acutally has more music.


You guys at Spotify are really brainless, thinking that everybody is a crook who tries to make other people members through your family plan.


Me too, I'm going to switch to Apple Music, this really sucks. guess that's the proper way to go, I'm sure they'll regret it later.


Same problem here...

This address thing is one of the most stupid decisions ever. Shame on you Spotify.

Even if there are people using this family plan on different locations, eventually most of these members will open their own premium accounts. It's a win-win situation, but some "genius" manager is a big moron.

Looking for alternatives.

This whole thing is a cruel joke, a blatant taunt meant to intentionally mock any customer.


I can't change or even view my data.

That's not only an absolutely braindead idea. To put it simply: That's definitely not legal in Europe.


My family, which keeps entering the same address as I guess I have entered (probably have a typo in it), keeps being locked out of the premium family membership. After being kicked out a month ago, when I added my brother, who finally got a Spotify account, and suddenly had to provide an address. After two years or so of no problems at all. (And no need to provide an address!)


Also this ignorant and purely stupid system claims that a family always has the same address. Like... no child moved out... ever. If my brother was living in his own apartment, he'd obviously stop being part of my family instantaneously.


Sorry (not really), but how f*cked in the head do you need to be to create a concept like this? I can't find words to describe this idiocy.


I've been with Spotify quite from it's start.

Definitely moving to Deezer now.



Wake up or you loose long term paying customers and your so far best promoters.


1) SPOTIFY LEGALLY BREACHED THE CONTRACT.  Because I certainly have my family living on same address, which I can prove. And Spotify stopped providing the service that I pay for. So I expect FULL REFUND for the last 2 months.


2) SPOTIFY can solve this very easily - just allow the customer to display his/her address. If requested by the customer, then SPOTIFY IS OBLIGED by the existing personal data protection regulations to provide  ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION it stores about that person. The address enterred is such type of information without any doubt.


3) COMMUNICATE - people ask Spotify for several months WHEN and HOW you fix this. Your many months statement "it is not possible at the moment" is NO MORE ACCEPTABLE. All our families are involved and our kids - YOUR POTENTIAL FUTURE CUSTOMERS - are getiing extremely upset with not working service, not able to play their songs in their lists. No need to explain why they START HATING SPOTIFY - and I guess at some moment they'll never come back.


So, dear Spotify, please ACT QUICKLY. You have to:
1] inform us WHEN and HOW you remove or fix the non working address check you have implemented.

2) email to all paying customers going through this hassle the addresses you have stored in your systems and that will work.


Escalate anywhere you need to get resoved ASAP.


Thank you.

Ivo (still a Spotify fan and customer)




Same thing on me.


they cant accept the invitation that i sent due to adress issues


like for real? been using my account for 2 years and the solution is deleting the account and creating a new one?

poor solution


Can someone from support please tell me my address?


I am not sure which address I was at when I signed up. Now I want to start a family account.


Why dont you display address details or allow users to update?


It's been 1.5 years and no one got a solid solution still. You guys at support and dev. team also are really null. Copying the same answer over and over, I wonder what the heck you idiots think you re doing. This level of ignorance... I don't know who is behind this idiotic behaviours but you should be ashamed and close that **bleep**ing entire company.



I really recommend to contact with support. I did it and the response from them was really quick. The problem has been solved in 1 hour.


I still think it should be easier way to change or check the used address but at last contact with support is quite good option.


Not even crooks. Why can't a family of 4 reside at 2 addresses? Like is it THAT big of a deal for you? still getting money....


Really pissing me off & I always recommend Spotify. Get off your high horse.




Guys guys calm down.


I know it’s annoying to have to talk to a person and it’s dumb that you can’t verify your address by yourself....  but if you just chat with their customer service they’ll tell you what address you gave them.


Literally solved this issue in under 5 minutes.


Having just gone through chatting to someone at spotify, they are unable to update the address on a family plan. So I told them its pretty bad service that I am forever going to have to remember my old address. They said the isses get logged and may be fixed in future... but since your original post was posted in 2016, im not going to hold my breath. 


Pretty bad decisions you guys are making. I switched from Deezer (which I get for free from my carrier and does not count against my data plan) specifically because of a project I was working on and grew fond of Spotify because of UI and music recommendations. My sister offered to invite me to her family plan, which she shares with my mother. I live two blocks away and have a different ISP, so I guess to your eyes I'm just not family cause I have a different IP? 


So let me give you guys a tip: family members do not always live under the same roof. I thought you Swedes were more progressive on that issue.


For all you customers who have had enough: does the exporting job quite well. No need to be forever chained to a service because of your library. 🙂

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