Changing Countries

Changing Countries


Heyo. I recently moved from Canada to Hong Kong, but for some reason can't seem to change countries. I need to change to Hong Kong in order to use my brand new shiny as f**k Hong Kong credit card for payment. Any help would be great! 



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To update your country settings, you can follow the steps here.


I remember when I updated my payment details, it automatically  updated my country after the first payment.


So if you use a Hong Kong credit card, it should update it. To update your payment details, just follow the steps here.


But the conundrum is that in here, I am not able to find the ... (more options) tab in order to update the country. I can't change the payment details because it says my credit card is from the wrong country.




Can you please upload a screenshot after you click subscription and click update. Please mask any personal info, if necessary.


You have probably worked it out by now but I was having the same problem.


I had to cancel my premium subscription then renew it again. When u renew again you will see payment details page (visa, paypal etc). There are 3 little dots on top right corne of this box. Click and then you will see option underneath to change country.


Not most logical process

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