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Charged two times.

Charged two times.



I'd been charged two times this month, og this account.

I'd been trying to get a hold on Spotify by using the Contact Form. But I'm not getting a answer.


How Come?

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Hello Niclas, 


The support team is looking into your problem. They will get back to you within the next 24 hours since you sent the email today, they will sort this for you. 


Thanks for using this community 🙂



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♬Music is life♬

I just noticed the same thing that im getting charged twice a month and this has been going on for about the past few months and im really upset just figuring this out!! Can someone help
I just need my card to be charged once a month !!

Jaceved2 - I'd recommend getting in touch with one of our Advisors about this. You can get in touch by clicking on "About Us" above and selecting "Contact form".
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I've the Same Problem here. 

When i contact the Support there only came a Mail that i have to ask here.

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