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How do I get Spotify to recognize I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO CHRISTIAN ROCK???

How do I get Spotify to recognize I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO CHRISTIAN ROCK???

Up until today I had never actually used the Daily Mix playlists. I decided I could use a little more variety so I thought "why not?" and jumped in. Now I get only Christian Rock 19/20 times.

I have literally 1 SONG of Christian Rock saved out of like ~75 and it's pretty much the only thing popping up and every time it goes to a new song I check the artist page and if it says "Christian" or "Worship" anywhere in there I completely block the artist, yet it STILL thinks I only want to listen to Christian Rock. I don't know what else the system wants from me. I might as well just download another app for random playlists and just use Spotify to save. How do I fix this?
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Hey @Bmeowmix, welcome to the Spotify Community!

Unfortunately, there's no "reset button" for your listening habits. What you'll have to do is just make sure to listen to other music for the next few weeks, and your suggested songs should even back out sooner rather than later.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with 🙂

See, thing is I pretty much never listen to Christian Rock. I'm honestly not ever sure how I stumbled into that song in the first place. So what could have possibly convinced the system I only want to listen to this? and what could possibly change in the future to avoid it if I hardly did anything in the first place?



Do you regularly listen to a similar genre? It is possible Spotify doesn't differentiate between Christan v. Non-Christian Rock.

Nope. In fact I've never actually gone out of my way to listen to it on its own (like I said, I just have the one song that I added months ago and I seldom even listen to it) and it's not a shared account so it's not like someone else is doing it. I pretty much only listen to a particular playlist I made that has only ~25 songs on it, none of which is Christian Rock. And it's clearly able to differentiate the two if it's giving me it almost exclusively, no?

And on a side note, I'm still seeing artists I've blocked (numerous times in some cases) so it's a good thing that doesn't work either.



There's currently no way to block/hide an artist (it has been suggested here but not yet implemented), so that isn't a possibility.

There has to be some kind of account listening activity to cause this music to pop up in the first place, it wouldn't just randomly occur. Is it possible that you follow some artists in or near this genre? Genre boundaries are relatively fluid, so if you listen to music in similar genres then this other music might be suggested for that reason.

Sorry, I was mistaken the "remove from my mix" as block, but regardless, the button doesn't work.

Anyways, going through it I see maybe three bands with "Christian ties", so it would make sense to hear a CCM song here and there, but this is just about EVERY SONG.



Could you try listening to a different mix? Each mix focuses on a different aspect of your listening habits, so it is possible that you just chose the one mix that is focusing on Christian Rock music.

I'll be sure to try that next time I get the opportunity, but looking at the thumbnails on them I'm pretty sure I see one or two covers from some of the albums I'm trying to get rid of.

I mean seriously, I am going to unsuscribe my account. I would like to listen my favourite artist and yet, when the album ends.... a continuing song is probably picked by some **bleep**ty algorithm that thinks I like some rasist **bleep**.


I don't want to listen Timo Rautianen anymore. The band makes me feel like I am at 1940 again. Please disband them at least from my account. I don't like to give any penny to that **bleep**. Thank You very much.

I'm going to piggyback this. I've been considering other music services lately - my sister the other day said "Alexa, never play this song again" --- Amazon music said "OK, I'll remember that".  AMAZING


Why for the past month has my account kept "Hot Country" as a top suggestion next to my music usual choices: EDM/Dance/Trance, Musicals, 90s Dance, Classical Piano, and Jazz. I believe I've listened to 1 lady antebellum in the past year. "Hot Country" is 1 of 4 suggestions plastered on my screen.


Either implement a 'remove/dislike' feature or fix your predictive algorithms guys. Sorry, I'm not excited about Dan and Shay's new cover.


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