How to get premium


How to get premium


Sooooo I went to go get the 3 months for 99 cents deal and it won’t let me get premium!


i hope someone comes to help me because they are losing precious business here.

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Hey @-vmy3wfp_jo8, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Keep in mind that the offer is available for user's that haven't had Premium in the past. If you already had a Premium subscription, your account isn't eligible for the offer.


However, if it's the first time your getting Premium, you should be able to get the offer if you subscribe in Make sure that your payment method meets these requirements and that it hasn't been used to pay for another Spotify account in the past.


Let us know if that helps. Have a great day!

Re: How to get premium

Casual Listener

have you tried googling ‘Spotify premium 3 months 0.99’? if so and it didn’t work, you may not be eligible for it if you have tried premium before or done a free month trial before. hope this helps! :)