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I'm traveling, can I use spotify in Europe?

I'm traveling, can I use spotify in Europe?



I live in NYC and I'm traveling to Barcelona and London for 3 weekes. Wondering if I would be able to use spotify over there? Sould I do something?



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If you're an Unlimited or Premium member, you will have unlimited international streaming. If you're a free member, you will be limited to, I belive, 14 days listening (including the normal limits).


Nothing has to be done, just login to your account 🙂



This Link Should Help.


If you are using free, it will be good for 14 days following when you first log in abroad. If for longer, you will need a Premium Account or Unlimited Account. So on your trip, you will be able to use it for the first two weeks (If using free), but not the third (If you are using free). If you plan on staying for an extended stay like a year or such you can try to change your country.


Also see this link, with similar information.

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