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Lost playlists

Lost playlists

Spotify premium was charged to my expired card, and when I updated my payment information and logged back into spotify, my playlists were gone. HELP

7 Replies

Hey there!


Try looking at this link, where you can recover deleted playlists. 


If they aren't there let me know and we can figure something else out. 




Like the previous person I updated my payment (after my credit card was canceled due to fraudulent activity) and all my playlists were gone.  What was left was 4 playlists that had a fraction of the music I had on the other playlists.  I followed your link and it said I had no deleted playlists.  Where are they?  

I believe I also have this issue. 


Possible duplication of an account (not 100%) FB & email, and when I try to log into either all my playlists have gone ๐Ÿ˜ž


this issues started when i was in spotfiy for mac. It basically kept bugging me to set up a premium. it didn't seem to recognise my existing premium. Now no matter which device or account I login via I cannot get to my playlists. DOUBLE HELP 

ok - quick update


one place I didn't try logging in was online....via browser player


so I just tried and you guessed it - there are my playlists!


So it's cool knowing they haven't been blown away - but not cool that I cannot see on mac or my S7


So still need help, but I'll dial down the double help to just single...thanks all

sorry for all the posts - just 1 last thing - have tried recover playlists.


Not an option - I think because technically they do not need recovering...they are just not being recognised in my spotify applications. But can see them if I sign in online



solved :} logged in as my user id, not email, and that pulled back all my old playlists!!!


Sorry for all the posts!

Joe - you were right.  They had two accounts listed on my email.  So now they are charging me for two accounts.  I plan to quit promptly.  You shouldn't have to worry about multiple accounts and shouldn't be charged more than once.  I will warn all that I know about using spotify, especially now that other, better options exist. Thanks for your help.

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