Multiple Accounts


Multiple Accounts

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Hey, so has anyone had an issue where logging in creates duplicate accounts of yourself? For example, I logged in on the mobile app (shown in image one), and everything worked perfectly fine. However, I logged in on the web player, on Google Chrome, and my account was duplicarse into another, with the same handle (image two). Now this account has it's own standalone playlists, separate from my mobile app account, and I am unable to edit either when not logged into the corresponding app. Would there be any way to fix this, maybe merging both together somehow? I really need to know, since one is stuck charging my credit card for premium, and I cannot log in to cancel since they share the same email login(?) and refuse to provide me with separate log-ins for each account.

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Re: Multiple Accounts

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Hi, it probably helps you if you log out everywhere. If you log in afterwards, your first account should appear again. This link shows you how logging out everywhere works: