No puedo ver a mis amigos de facebook


No puedo ver a mis amigos de facebook

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Hola! Tengo Spotify premium desde hoy, y no puedo acceder a mi lista de amigos de facebook en la aplicacion... me aparece como "0 amigos"

alguna solucion?

por el momento la aplicacion la uso desde la computadora

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Does logging out and back in make a difference at all? Also, what happens if you use the Find Friends button? 


Let us know how it goes.


I do have the same issue, I've been trying deleting the spotify app in FB and logging back but is not working.


When I use the find friends button on the desk app it appears "0 friends" 


The app version 8.4.49 for Iphone doesn't allow me a sync option or a find friends option too, so i only count with the desk app to sync i belive.