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Offline Listening Withdrawn - AGAIN!

Offline Listening Withdrawn - AGAIN!

Folks, A bit of frustration here. I am a premium subscriber that has now had my offline listening withdrawn from my main device for the 2nd time in less than a week.  I've asked to have my devices reset - I guess it was done as my offline listening was enabled.  And now once again it is disabled.


Is there SOME way to know what devices are actively enabled, so I can 1) Manage that list, and 2) Make sure those devices are not set up for offline listening?


This is becoming very challenging and frustrating, and there should be a way that an end-user can manage their own devices, subscription, capabilities et al.


i love Spotify and the range that is available, as well as the option for offline listening.  But as an individual with more than 3 devices myself - the limitation is too much.  But absent the removal of the limitation - the fact that there is seemingly no way for the individual to manage the devices/subscriptions, seems to be a major flaw.


Would love to continue using and paying my subscription - but frustrated and ready to move unless addressed.





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Unfortunately that is not yet a feature of Spotify.

There is an idea for it though here. Feel free to add Kudos and comment to show your support!

Anthony 🙂

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