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Premium account - playing music on multiple desktops (at the same time)

Premium account - playing music on multiple desktops (at the same time)

Hi All,


I just upgraded to premium as I want to play music in multiple locations (off my linux machine connected to speakers in the bathroom and off my windows desktop for music in my office). I'm sure this was possible with a premium subscription but now spotify is telling me 'paused, account in use' message...


Can you confirm this isn't possible with a premium account or is this a bug?



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You can't play in multiple locations at the same time because Spotify is only for personal use. I don't think you want to listen to two songs at once?

Hey matmbl, welcome to the Community.


Spotify can only be played in one location at a time due to licensing agreements. So, starting playback in one location will pause it in any others.


Sorry for any confusion caused.


[edit: looks like Stupify beat me to it]

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thanks for the quick response guys, I guess I miss read the subscription features.


So I have 2 options going forward, either reduce/cancel my subscription or sync off line content and take spotify offline before I play it in two locations. 


I'd rather not have to go 'clicking on computers' when I wonder from room to room...

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